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CSR Conclave - Jharkhand Eye Bank Hospital & Research Center

CSR Conclave

CSR Conclave

CSR Conclave

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audience with digitaries

Bihar Eye Bank Trust attended the CSR Conclave.

Organised by the Indian Institute of Information and Technology, Ranchi, and Yuva Sadan, Ranchi

11 and 12, August 2023

At the Indian Institute of Science and Technology (IIIT) in Ranchi

The CSR Conclave was the flagship event of the IIIT-CSR Cell, established by IIIT Ranchi and Yuva Sadan.

Yuva Sadan is registered under the Indian Trust Act and is mainly a body of young men who wish to contribute to society even while they pursue their careers. This non-profit organisation works primarily in the domains of youth empowerment, legal aid and awareness, education, health care, the environment, animal welfare, and skill development.

Alamgir addresses the audience.

On June 5, 2023, the first think tank in Jharkhand, the CSR Cell, was established by SkyTech Project Consultancy, formed by IIIT Ranchi and Yuva Sadan.

In this first step, the conclave sought to bring together corporates who have money to spend but do not know what organisations are suitable, NGOs who need money for their work but do not know who to ask, and government officials whose work is to monitor the correct spending of CSR funds. The conclave also invited academics.


The first day was mainly introductory in nature, establishing the aim of the conclave and introducing comments on CSR activity by various people. Sri Alamagir Alam, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Rural Development, and Panchayat Raj, addressed the gathering. The Vice Chancellor of Central University, Jharkhand, was present at the opening.

Representatives were present from various corporate houses, namely, HDFC Bank, Canara Bank, CCL, CMPDI, Usha Martin, and Hindalco, among others. Shri Prashanta Hota, President, Group Head CSR, Jindal Steel Foundation, gave an insightful address.

Sri Hota addresses the audience

There were about 16 NGOs that gave presentations on the second day. To see the pictures and data and hear the story from the mouths of those who were actually trying to do the seemingly impossible in difficult circumstances was really an eye-opener. The presentation about the work of Jharkhand Eye Bank, Hospital, and Research Centre by Dr. P. Sinha, Secretary, and Sri Ajay Kumar Jain, Trustee, was appreciated by the audience. Now corporates can ask the CSR Cell to recommend suitable NGOs for their projects, and through the CSR Cell, NGOs can get connected to corporates they did not know.

At the valedictory programme, the vice chancellors of Jharkhand University of Technology and the National University of Study and Research in Law gave certificates and mementos to NGOs.

It was a fortunate decision to register for this event. The CSR Conclave offered the NGOs an opportunity to present their work before some corporate houses and others from all over Jharkhand. There was an indirect benefit because NGOs from all over Jharkhand became aware of each other’s aims and channels were opened up for collaboration between them. Already, Devki Nandan is helping the Bihar Eye Bank Trust organise free cataract operation camps in areas needing eye care.

group photo


– Dr. Pronoti Sinha, Secretary, Bihar Eye Bank Trust

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