Our Activities

To control preventable blindness, the Hospital has undertaken the following activities:

  • An Out Patients’ Department brings quality eye care to the people 6 days a week.
  • Succour for the underprivileged : In rural areas, there is often a lack of medical services, even medicine shops. People are ignorant of the dangers they run by not attending to eye problems in time. They come to the big hospitals only when their sight has gone.
  • Eye camps in remote rural areas (and even in jail) offer timely treatment, prescriptions for glasses and free cataract operation with intra-ocular lens implant and other operations for poor patients who are far from medical facilities and often have to depend on quacks.
  • Free cataract operation camps are sponsored by the District Blindness Control Society or other sponsors. In planning our camps, we invite the help of NGOs working in remote areas to identify areas lacking eye care facilities.Patients are selected at the camp, brought to the hospital with an attendant, given free food and lodging along with free operation, pre-and-post-operative medicines and dark glasses. Follow up is done one week and one month later. 
  • This boy was unable to close his right eye after a severe burn. Skin from his chest was grafted on his eye and the boy recovered happily.
  • To save the sight of the younger generation, the Trust is providing timely eye care through eye screening in schools, colleges and hostels. Those who need treatment are referred to the hospital. 
  • Refraction, YAG Laser, treatment for eye diseases like Squint, Glaucoma and other diseases are available. Cataract operations with phacoemulsification (Alcon Infiniti) and SICS Cataract Surgery and other operations like DCR. Artificial Eyes and contact lenses are also provided.

New Eyes for the blind!

 A large number of people dwell in a world of darkness and the only cure for this is corneal transplant, that is new eyes. Eye donation awareness camps are organized to increase awareness regarding the need for eye donation in this region. So far the Hospital has collected 25 eyes in Jharkhand of which 19 healthy corneas have been transplanted successfully. As eye donation in Jharkhand is poor, since August 2013 corneas from other eye banks are being brought and corneal transplants are being done in Ranchi.

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