What is YAG laser?

It produces a concentrated beam of light that can focus on the iris or any thick membrane behind the intra-ocular lens.
This laser beam can create a smooth fine opening of the desired size in these structures without affecting other sensitive parts of the eye.

YAG LASER treatment is done as an Out Patient procedure. Special eye drops are put in the eyes to numb them. A small contact lens may be placed on the eye to direct the laser light on to the desired site. The treatment takes only few minutes and the patient can go back home immediately. Laser surgery is safe and painless with few complications.

Some common diseases where YAG LASER is used -

  • After Cataract or Posterior Capsular Opacity
  • A membrane is left behind in Cataract surgery. This membrane supports the IOL { Intra Ocular Lens or Artificial lens} inside the eye. It may get thickened or opaque as a process of scarring a few months following surgery. This may reduce the vision again even after good and successful cataract operation. YAG LASER is used to clean this opaque membrane.

Acute glaucoma

  • A condition where the pressure of the eye is raised that causes pain and loss of vision. YAG LASER is used to create a small opening in the Iris to facilitate the flow of liquid outside the eye without surgical intervention.

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