Radio Talk About Eye Donation

Jharkhand Eye Bank Hospital & Research Centre

Radio Talk About Eye Donation

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At the beginning of the Eye Donation Fortnight, on 28th August 2020 the Trustees of Bihar Eye Bank Trust reaffirmed their commitment to promote eye donation and eye transplant in Jharkhand in order to restore sight to the corneally blind. A card with this affirmation was sent to contacts and to Facebook account , Jharkhand Eye Bank.

Usually during Eye Donation Fortnight, activities are organized to increase awareness about the need for eye donation. Owing to the Covid 19 situation, eye donation camps and other usual activities involving gatherings of people could not be held.

On 1 September 2020 Dr. T. P. Barnwal, consultant, Jharkhand Eye Bank, Hospital and Research Centre gave a talk on eye donation on AIR Ranchi.

Dr. Barnwal told the listeners that the whole eye is not transplanted. Only the cornea, which is a transparent tissue in front of the eye, is used. Cornea is available only if donated after someone’s death. A man can sign a pledge during his lifetime stating that he wishes to donate his eyes after death but no one can donate his eyes while he is still living.  Even if the dead man has not pledged his eyes, the heir can donate his deceased relative’s eye. He pointed out that eyes must be collected within six hours of death and the consent of the heir is necessary.

After transplant, long term medication may be necessary to safeguard the transplanted eye. When a man’s eyes are donated, two people are given one eye each. Eye donation can give blind people a new life.

The next day Dr. Pronoti Sinha, Secretary, Bihar Eye Bank Trust, gave a talk on AIR Ranchi on the necessity of eye donation. India has the second largest blind population in the world. After cataract and glaucoma, corneal blindness is the greatest cause of blindness. Corneal blindness can be cured only through eye transplant. Donated corneas are needed if such blind people are to regain their sight. Most people can donate their eyes, even people who wear glasses or have had a cataract operation. Eyes cannot be donated by people dying from AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, rabies, septicemia and such causes. (Though a man may sign a pledge to donate his eyes after death, it is necessary to inform his family about his desire to donate his eyes after death.} Dr. P. Sinha appealed to listeners to help in spreading awareness about the need for eye donation. To help our fellow men is considered a pious act in all religions.

Two bytes were given on Radio City on 31 August and 1 September 2020 by Dr. Pronoti Sinha and Dr. D. N. Singh to spread the message of eye donation.

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